Curriculum at Little Einstein Montessori School

We are first and foremost a Montessori school, therefore all of our curriculum is centered around Montessori principles. We also recognize that parents of LEMS students demand a high level of academics in order to challenge their children, prepare them for schooling anywhere in the U.S. or abroad, and help them to be academically competitive among their peers in elementary school. Therefore, we have created a curriculum that blends all of these factors. The following are our core academic standards:

  • Language Arts – Reading, writing, communication (speaking and listening), gathering information, and foreign language
  • Math – Numbers and number systems, computation, measurement, problem-solving, beginning statistics and data analysis, probability, emergent algebra, and geometry
  • Science – Life science, physical science, environmental studies, and technology
  • Social Studies – Government, economics, history, geography, and culture
  • The Arts – Visual art, music and movement, dramatic play
  • Physical Education – Health and wellness, large and small muscle development
  • Social and Emotional Development – Peer interactions, adult interactions, expressing emotions, response to rules and routines, self-esteem, and independence

All the disciplines are tied together in a complementary way. Toys and other developmentally appropriate learning materials are laid out in the classroom so a child can see what her choices are and then pick a task — called “work” — according to her interests. When they are done, children put their work back on the shelves and move on to something else. The daily schedule allows time for children to play alone or in groups.  Teachers may be seen working with students one-on-one, in small groups, or large groups working on the same academic task.

Please visit us in person to learn more about our Curriculum!