This classroom is a unique blend of students, ages 3-5 years old. This mixed age grouping allows younger students to learn from the model set by older students. Children are encouraged by their peers and challenged to move forward.  This classroom prepares your child  for a totally new environment in Kindergarten. Along with Montessori techniques, state and national standards, and the latest trends in early children education, we are preparing your child to communicate, listen, think and reason through this extensive program. Our goal for students who graduate our Pre-K program is for them to master their reading and writing skills. Your child will also be exposed to advanced math (addition, subtraction, beginning algebra, geometry, etc.), science (biology, physical science, and environmental sciences), and social studies (government, economics, history, and geography) skills.

Some activities you may observe in this classroom:

  • Student creating 3-digit numbers using ones, tens, and hundreds blocks
  • Student building words using rime and onset cards
  • Student creating a variety of different patterns using linking cubes (ABAB, ABCABC, ABBABB)
  • Student completing a puzzle of South America, practicing naming each country