About Us

About LEMS

Encouraging development Growth.

We are dedicated to providing academic excellence in early child schooling using Montessori principles, state, national, and international educational standards.  Our curriculum is focused on developing within each child: language skills, math, science, the arts, physical education, social and emotional development, and life skills. The main objective of LEMS is to provide a foundation for life long exploring and learning.

Our Value

Better Future through Play


Little Einstein Montessori School is dedicated to inspiring students to achieve academic excellence and creativity.


To be recognized as a premier, parents-driven educational institute that delivers our promise of exceptional value to our little learners and parents.

Who We Are:

  • LEMS uses Montessori philosophy and principles fostering learning methods to achieve academic success.
  • LEMS teaches children to be confident, independent and to be compassionate human beings.
  • LEMS provides the tools and experiences needed in a diverse community of children embarking on rich meaningful journeys as better citizens of the world.
  • To help develop each child’s ultimate potential through high self-expectations
  • To develop academic Skills, Critical thinking and decision-making ability.


We Strive to:

  • Respect the child’s work of self-construction by providing child centered adult facilitated Montessori education.
  • Commit to academic success of children through international educational learning systems.
  • Create and maintain indoor and outdoor environments which encourage the organic, affective, intellectual and character development of children.
  • Encourage school-wide integration through regularly scheduled activities designed to model nurturing, careful consideration of children of all ranges and abilities
  • Foster joyful, cooperative multicultural relationships amongst children, families, school faculty and the local community